Bowen Therapy

A natural, low-cost relaxation therapy that initiates the body's own built in healing mechanisms to promote complete health and wellness.  Bowen therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic approach to optimize healing that often works when other therapies don't. It is a direct, yet gentle approach that can be used on young and old, the weak and the strong. It enhances the body's own healing system to do the work and is extremely results oriented.

Your body is an incredible healing mechanism. When given the right information there is little that it cannot heal on its own. It knows what to do. Bowen therapy simply wakes up the inner healer. We have a saying in the Bowen community,"The miraculous we can do, the impossible takes a little longer". Millions of people have already experienced one of the greatest healing modalities ever known to man. Most will tell you that their experience is 'nothing short of a miracle'.

This all-natural, phenomenal, and often miraculous therapy is literally revolutionizing the wellness industry worldwide -- because it works. And because it works, it is quickly becoming the number one preferred alternative healing method around the world.

What is Bowen Therapy?

During a session, a series of precisely located, gentle moves and motions over muscles, tendons, nerves or soft tissue with the right amount of energy causes the body to immediately begin to intensify and redirect its own energy to stimulate healing throughout the entire body. This is usually done while you are laying down, but can also be done sitting or standing. The therapist will activate healing points in your body and then will leave you for a couple of minutes so that you can begin to adjust to the signals. As the session progresses, the relaxation and energy movement increases throughout the body.

When a session is given, particular and consistent effects take place that unlock the underlying causes and reasons for imbalance and ill health. As such, it treats the body as a whole, not as a series of symptoms. Because of this, Bowen Therapy can help you regardless of what health challenges you may have. This is because the therapy activates the autonomic nervous system to go from an over stimulated stressed condition to a relaxed and repairing mode. During sessions, clients often drop into a deep relaxation or fall asleep and feel a profound release from stress. This release allows the body to reactivate its own recovery processes.

Bowen works to:
1. Activate the healing mechanisms within your body
2. Accelerate healing processes
3. Rapidly restore optimal health

Therapist's Note: Bowen Therapy is by far my most favorite healing modality. It does more for a person faster than any other work I have seen. You WILL see impressive results in only 3-5 visits. I am truly amazed at what the body can do to heal. I am thankful that I am blessed with this gift so that I can share it with you. When you come for a session, wear comfortable, loose clothing and be prepared to let go of the tensions you have been carrying around for so long. Call today for an appointment.

Pain: While Bowen Therapy can do many miraculous things for you, it does not treat pain directly. Your body gives you a pain signal because something is wrong inside. When the problem no longer exists, the nervous system will stop sending pain signals. Our focus is on giving the body the correct information to reach optimal wellness quickly.