Client Experiences

The stories, experiences and health changes discussed on this page are representative of the results of Bowen Therapy and nutritional healing in general, but are not necessarily representative of an individual person's experiences.  As with any type of therapy you should consult a qualified health practitioner before beginning treatment.

Sciatica - a few years ago, I rented space from a lady who has experienced sciatica pain for several months. She had received several chiropractic adjustments and was doing some exercises but could not receive relief. After months of coaxing I finally got her to experience Bowen Therapy. Her experience during treatment was similar to many other people, in that while she was receiving treatment she did not think this therapy could help her. In fact, she started wondering why she was letting me rent space at her location because she felt that this therapy could not help anybody with anything. During treatment she started trying to think of ways to get rid of me because this therapy "could not possibly help her". Once the treatment was complete her sciatic pain completely disappeared! She was so surprised that she had to tell everyone.

Fibromyalgia - this debilitating disease is actually a group of imbalances that the medical system gave a name to. After doing a lot of reading, I figured out that for many fibromyalgia patients there was an underlying hormone imbalance that needed to be fixed as well as the nervous system imbalance that Bowen Therapy could treat. With this knowledge I have helped several people change their lives. I remember one person who came to me and said she had fibromyalgia for 14 years. I recommend in a nutritional program that addressed the specific underlying causes associated with fibromyalgia and a Bowen Therapy session once a week for six weeks. She experienced many flareups during this treatment time that caused a lot of pain. Even with the pain she was determined not to quit. After six sessions she said her whole life had changed because she was free of pain, full of energy and excited to be alive.

Thyroid – I had a client that had many health issues and I had recommended some nutritional changes as well as treatments for her. We were focusing mostly on joint problems and pain. After a few weeks she called to tell me that her doctor had lowered her thyroid medication. I thought that was fantastic, but I had not recommended anything that should affect her thyroid. A month later she called to tell me that her thyroid medication was lowered again, this happened for another three months till she was almost on no medication. It occurred to me as I reviewed the recommendations that I had made to her that the nutrition program was balancing her body so that her hormones could function correctly. This is of course the best treatment for most health problems, that is, meeting nutritional needs and balancing body function.

Hip and pelvic problems – I seem to be a magnet for people who have pelvic imbalances, or maybe it is that everybody has pelvic imbalances. Bowen Therapy is particularly suited for hip and pelvic issues that are associated with knee problems and back pain. Even though I don't treat the problems directly, Bowen Therapy seems to elicit healing within the body that balances out the structures of the body.  I have seen many people who lived with back pain for years that only needed a handful of Bowen Therapy sessions to relieve their symptoms.