1. What are your office hours?

Appointments are usually required so that we can serve everybody properly. I am currently (2010-2013) working on a doctoral program, so my schedule will change every few weeks, call for current availability. (518)874-5125. Closed Sundays.

2. How do I prepare for my appointment?

Therapy Services: On your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork. A Healing session generally will last about 60 to 90 minutes. During the session, you will relax on one of our padded healing tables while we work to encourage healing within you. If you have physical issues, this can be adjusted based on your comfort needs. Please be prepared by wearing loose, comfortable clothing (nothing tight or of durable material, don't wear jeans). While in the healing rooms, we may have more than one client and ask that you are considerate of their healing and keep talking to a minimum. We do have a waiting area if you have someone who comes with you. We recommend that you do not participate in any physical activity the day of your appointment (sports, exercise, heavy work). It is also a good idea not to do any strenuous activity for 2-3 days after each appointment so that your body can adjust to the treatment.

Consultations: Arrive a few minutes early to begin filling out paperwork. Please bring all of your current nutritional supplements and medications with you. Also, if you could write down everything that you ate or drank in the past couple of days, that would be helpful as well. If we have sent you some questionnaires in advance, please have those filled out.

3. What are the costs for your services?

Therapy Services: $60 for one session
(Bowen Therapy, Emotional Release, Reiki or Consultation. approx. 60-90 minutes)

4. How do I become a Health & Wellness Coach or healer?

If you would like to be active in natural healing on a full or part time basis, there are many ways to be involved in our industry. It is NOT a job, but a life opportunity and we want to involve everyone that we can. If you have some interest, we can sit down and talk about how you might fit into a healing environment.  We need people to help change the health of our community. With your help we can reach more people. We have training , conference calls, newsletters, classes and seminars. If you can see yourself developing into a Health and Wellness Consultant, then we would like to assist you in achieving that goal.

5. Where are you located?

Troy, NY: My current location (since Feb.2010) is 157 1st Street in Troy at the corner of 1st and Washington. The business name is Waltja and it has a street level entrance with a bay window, you'll see cacti and crystals in the window.

6. Can you help me with my disease?

Only a licensed medical professional can diagnose or treat disease. We have a fundamental belief that true healing comes from within our own bodies with the help of God and nature. Our goal is to change the nutritional environment of your body systems by educating you to the many possibilities that nature has to offer. We also work to change the energy of the tissues of your body through effective therapy that can initiate your body's own healing abilities. Most people will have improved health and healing as their body is given the help it needs to properly use the nutrients and energy given it.

7. Do you have any Discounts?

College Students. Show your student ID and receive 30% off services.

8. What are your family plans?

Pre-Pay for services. If you pre-pay for therapy services you can purchase 5 appointments for the price of four. Since most people will need about 5 sessions this is a great deal. Five appointments would be $240 ($300 value). If you would like to purchase services for your immediate family only , you can also purchase a set of 14 visits for the price of 10 - $600 ($840 value). Pre-pay is for individuals and families only.

9. Do you have gift certificates?

Gift Certificates. Give the gift of health.
1 Certificate - $60, 5 Certificates - $275 (save $25), 10 Certificates - $500 (save $100)

10. What supplements should I take?

No supplement fits the needs of every person. There are, of course, many products that are beneficial to everyone at some time. Without a proper consultation and evaluation, there is no way to know what your body needs most right now. You want to be able to take products that will make a difference for you. Also, cheap vitamins, are cheap for a reason... If you want good products from a leader in the industry, visit our product website at www.QuietHealing.com.

11. What if I miss an appointment?

If you cannot make it to a scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. Missing an appointment causes challenges in scheduling or leaves us with an opening that could have been filled. It can be a big waste of time for us. We have been told to charge people for missed appointments, we would rather not do that, so please just call in advance when something changes.

12. What should I expect during my visit?

When    you    come    in for your appointment, you can expect a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Our healing rooms have been designed to be a peaceful place to relax and take in healing. You will have the opportunity to leave the stresses of your life outside while you enter a place of harmony and become encircled about by quiet, healing music. There    are    many    reasons to come in for a session and yours will be unique to you. Each person comes to us with their own challenges and situations, and as such are treated as individuals, with personal needs. Whether you choose a healing session or a health assessment, your experience will be different from the next person who comes in.

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