Your Session

When    you    come    in for your appointment, you can expect a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Our healing rooms have been designed to be a peaceful place to relax and take in healing. You will have the opportunity to leave the stresses of your life outside while you enter a place of harmony and become encircled about by quiet, healing music.

There    are    many    reasons to come in for a session and yours will be unique to you. Each person comes to us with their own challenges and situations, and as such are treated as individuals, with personal needs. Whether you choose a healing session or a health assessment, your experience will be different from the next person who comes in.

What to Expect

A Healing session generally will last about 60 to 90 minutes. Plan on being here for at least an hour and a half. During the session, you will usually relax on one of our padded healing tables while we work to encourage healing within you. If you have physical issues, this can be adjusted based on your comfort needs. Please be prepared by wearing loose, comfortable clothing (nothing tight or of durable material, so don't wear jeans). While in the healing rooms, we may have more than one client and ask that you are considerate of their healing and keep noise and talking to a minimum. We do have a waiting area if you have someone who comes with you.

If you are coming in for a health assessment, you will be filling out multiple forms as well as discussing your healing concerns with the therapist. Because this can take quite some time, we ask that you show up early for the appointment so that there is ample time to fill out all of the questionnaires and discuss observations. Usually an assessment will include some level of Iridology reading and a couple Chinese diagnostic techniques.

In addition, we may use a technique called Muscle Testing. Basically we test nutrients against your nervous system to see what your body 'wants'. In this way you can learn about possible weaknesses, imbalances and deficiencies. This is a much better way to make decisions for your health than to simply buy a bunch of vitamins and herbs hoping that you get the right nutrients for your body.

Every atom, every molecule, and thus every plant, animal and mineral has an energy vibration that is measurable. When combined, these vibrations will either be in harmony or opposed to one another. Your nervous system can feel the difference. When we allow your body to give us clues as to your nutritional needs, your individuality comes out clear in the nutrition, foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals that are needed for your health and healing right now.

If you cannot make it to a scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. Missing an appointment causes challenges in scheduling or leaves us with an opening that could have been filled. We have been told professionally to charge people for missed appointments, we would rather not do that, so please just call in advance when something changes.

If  a child or teen is being treated, we ask that a parent or guardian be present at all times. This will usually help them to be more comfortable around the therapist and allows the parent to see what is being done for their child. The parent or guardian must also sign the intake form to give permission for the therapy.